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Address : -33.900567, 18.480162

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Mon-Fri: 05:15 - 22:45
Sat: 05:15 - 22:45
Sun: 05:15 - 22:45

The main inspiration for the artwork at Zoarvlei stems from an acrylic painting the artist, Tony Coetzee, did a year before he was commissioned to do the work for the MyCiTi station.

He describes the work adorning the Zoarvlei station walls along the T01 main route as “speaking about the environment which points to a way forward”.

One side of the painting shows an abandoned wasteland, while the other sketches show the use of renewable energy in a modern, futuristic way. The work seems to say “this is where we are, and this is where we can be”.

“I want people to look at my artwork and feel positive. I want them to look at what we can achieve as human beings in the future.”

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About the Artist

Tony Coetzee studied graphic design and works in the formal sector, but he continues to do public art as that is his first love. He also experiments with other art forms, such as fine and street art.

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Cape Town
21 August 2019