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Address : -33.883163, 18.491316

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Mon-Fri: 05:15 - 22:45
Sat: 05:15 - 22:45
Sun: 05:15 - 22:45

How many locals share your birthday? That’s the theme of this playful infographic created by artists Hannah Williams and Mark Henning for the station.

The data for birthdays of the people living in the area in the form of circles of colour. Each circle represents a day of the year, and their size reflects the number of birthdays on that day. The relative numbers are symbolised by colour as well, ranging from the warmer colours for higher numbers to cooler colours for lower numbers. People waiting in the station can seek out the circles for their own birthdays and see how many local people share that date.

The artists wanted to create a bright and cheerful image with happy associations that allows viewers to feel a connection with people who live in the area. “Birthdays are a fairly universal day of celebration, transcending cultural differences,” says Hannah.

The bright colours and circles result in an appropriately cheerful, light-hearted and friendly visual.

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About the Artist

Hannah Williams and Mark Henning, partners in design company Black Hat and Nimbus, completed artworks for six stations between the city centre and Table View. The designs are all infographics, with data relating to the surrounding areas.

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Cape Town
21 August 2019