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Table View

Address : -33.824686, 18.488595

Kiosk Hours
Mon-Fri: 06:15 - 21:45
Sat: 06:15 - 21:45
Sun: 06:15 - 21:45

The MyCiTi Table View station is a hub for MyCiTi services, with routes to Parklands, Sunningdale and Blouberg Sands as well as to the Civic Centre in central Cape Town.

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Table View station is a major hub on MyCiTi’s first route with a dedicated red lane for buses. Busy throughout the day and into the evening, it’s a transfer point for several local routes.

The graphic work by artist Alan Munro is called the “South-Easter Bunnys” (the spelling is deliberate and often commented on). It’s inspired by two separate elements – the strong south-east winds that are a familiar feature of life in Table View and news at the time about Robben Island being overrun by rabbits. These ideas came together as bunnies being blown about by the wind, rather like the passengers when the wind is strong. Graphic, comical, animated and endearing, this work has proved extremely popular with the public.

Munro says he wanted to bring some lightness into the daily experience of the passengers. “That's my aim, to bring some playfulness into the world around us. It can be mundane waiting for the bus, so bringing lightness and humour into that situation always helps.”

The design also responds to its environment in another way, framing the view of Cape Town Stadium glimpsed across Table Bay. When the artwork was commissioned, the new stadium was being completed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Munro wanted to capture not only the architectural image, but also the overwhelming feeling of pride and optimism in South Africa as the host country for the tournament.

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About the Artist

Alan Munro is a designer, animator and illustrator who lives in Cape Town.

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Cape Town
21 August 2019