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Century City

The mixed-use development that is Century City has a number of artworks situated in and around the area.

The contrasting work of two artists can be found on the MyCiTi station walls – one comprising hues of vibrant colour lines and the other graffiti-inspired text in grey-blue tones.

The latter is the work of artist Sandile Radebe who has lived in urban areas for most of his life. Inspired by cities and city spaces, he wants to make sense of the changes that are happening in South Africa’s cities through his work.

He has chosen to use text as a way of exploring and ‘reading’ city spaces, through the use of the letters of the alphabet. With its town planning aesthetic his work presents the viewer with multiple viewing points, illustrating the ambiguities of reading the city. The letters he uses to make up his work may differ, depending on the perspective of the viewer.

The artwork at first glance looks like a town plan, or an aerial view of the city, but on looking closer, is made up of many different letters.

Quaymberley Dudley is the artist who created what she terms ‘The Colour Line’. The artwork started off as a blank A4-sized paper and a few colour pencils and resulted in the eye-catching drawing with its vibrant colours.

“I have used public transport and as a commuter, you want to see something colourful because you spend a lot of time waiting around and you can get bored… so I did something interesting and complicated,” says the artist.

The idea behind the art is to give people something to think about. She says that with any artwork, everyone has their own idea about what it is about. She wants people to make up their own minds about what her work means for them.

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About the Artists

Sandile Radebe is a Johannesburg-based artist whose main area of interest is art practice in both, public and private spaces. He studied at the University of the Witwatersrand School of the Arts and has participated in various group exhibitions as well as public and installation interventions.

Quaymberley Dudley is a young artist who lives in Midrand, Johannesburg. In addition to fine art she has done performance artwork in public spaces.

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Cape Town
17 September 2019