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Atlantis Station

For the MyCiTi bus station in Atlantis, street artist Faith47 has created a mural of herons in flight, spray-painted in a range of colours from sepia to luminous white. Apart from the immediate connection with transport and being on the move, the image conjures up flight, escape, transcendence and beauty in an historically marginalised context. Her work largely focuses on disenfranchised people or endangered creatures and is simultaneously allusive and enigmatic. In response to her murals, people often talk about the feeling of stillness and calm they evoke.

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About the Artist

Faith47 is a young South African artist based in Cape Town. She is best known for her street art, though she also exhibits studio work. She travels extensively and has an international following. Her work can be found in cities all over the world, from Shanghai to Berlin and New York. She makes art in overlooked spaces in the cities where she is working – on the sides of old buildings or under bridges, on derelict doors or walls, often monumental, sometimes more intimate in scale.

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Cape Town
21 August 2019