Top Up your Card

Load value onto your myconnect card at MyCiTi station kiosks, participating retailers or cash-accepting Absa ATMs to pay for your MyCiTi fares. You will need your myconnect card PIN whenever you load value.

Save with Mover

Save 30% on fares at all times by loading a Mover package onto your myconnect card. Points loaded are valid for three years.

Load Mover at station kiosks and retailers. Packages are available in amounts of R35, R50, R60, R80, R100, R200, R300, R400, R600 and R1 000.

You can also load Mover packages at cash-accepting Absa ATMs (minimum load is R50).

Load: R50, R60, R80, R100, R200, R300, R400, R600 and R1 000.

Load any amount as Standard

Load any amount of money and pay Standard fares. Fares are higher with Standard, but you can also use this value to pay for purchases of up to R200 at any shop that accepts debit cards. Load Standard at station kiosks, retailers and cash-accepting Absa ATMs.

Load: any amount

Enjoy unlimited travel with a Monthly Pass

Enjoy unlimited travel anywhere, including the Airport, on any day and at any time for one month from a start date of your choice. Load this on your myconnect card at station kiosks and simply top up every month, tapping in and out as much as you like.

Monthly Pass: R780.

Load an Off-Peak Travel Package (OPT)

Explore the city with one-day (OPT1), three-day (OPT3) and seven-day (OPT7) Off-Peak Travel packages offering unlimited travel outside weekday peak times, and all day on weekends and public holidays. Load an OPT1, OPT3 or OPT7 at station kiosks, choose a start date and travel anywhere during the off peak, as much as you wish.

  Excludes Airport (Unlimited journeys during the off peak) Includes Airport (Limited to four journeys per day)
OPT1 R39 R118
OPT3 R110 R211
OPT7 R206 R291


Load a 1, 3 or 7 Day Pass

Load a 1-Day, 3-Day or 7-Day Pass and enjoy unlimited travel anywhere, at any time of day.

  Excludes Airport (Unlimited journeys at any time) Includes Airport (Limited to four journeys per day at any time)
1-Day Pass R94 R162
3-Day Pass R234 R302
7-Day Pass R514 R582



Find your closest top-up point using the map below. You can also view a list of station kiosks, participating retailers or cash-accepting Absa ATMs.

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