Other Card Services


When there is less than R20 on your card, a yellow light will shine around the validator screen and you will hear multiple beeps after you tap your card. This means that the transaction was successful, but that you need to top up urgently.

You can check your balance, obtain a statement of recent transactions or change the myconnect PIN at MyCiTi station kiosks and any Absa ATM. You need your myconnect PIN number to access these services, including the option to reset the PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN you can have it reset at one of the following Absa branches: Heerengracht, Gardens, V&A Waterfront or Table View. 

Steps to check balance, obtain mini-statement or reset PIN at any Absa ATM:

  • Insert myconnect card
  • Select language
  • Enter PIN
  • Select option from: Balance/ Mini Statement/ Update/ Cancel/ Change PIN

Buy goods with your card

You can use money loaded on your card as MyCiTi Standard to buy goods of up to R200 at a time at any shop that provides debit card facilities.

Mover points cannot be used for these purchases, but you can choose to load both MyCiTi Standard and Mover points on your card at the same time. This offers the benefit of discounted Mover fares when you travel with MyCiTi, as well as the option to purchase goods using money available on your card as MyCiTi Standard. When you use MyCiTi, the system will first look for Mover points for your fare. If there are insufficient Mover points, the system will look for money loaded as Standard and you will be charged the Standard fare.  

Travel refunds

If you suspect that you have been charged incorrectly for your journey, you can fill in a myconnect appeals form and we'll investigate. Download an appeals form

Absa myconnect top up options

Absa bank customers can transfer money directly from their Absa bank card to their myconnect card for immediate use via any Absa ATM. Absa bank customers can also load money via Absa internet banking or mobile banking, but will still need to visit a station kiosk or any Absa ATM to activate the funds on your card.

View step-by-step instructions for Absa customers loading money via internet banking, or from their bank card to their myconnect card.

Cape Town
15 November 2018