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Lagoon Beach

Address : -33.891691, 18.485345

Kiosk Closed

The weather in Cape Town is changeable, especially by the sea, and this affects the daily commuting experience. For the Lagoon Beach station, the whimsical Weather on Fridays infographic is a visual representation of local weather conditions on each Friday during 2010.

“The sometimes dramatic weather is an important aspect of life in Cape Town, known in the 15th century as The Cape of Storms, and the beaches in the area surrounding this station are popular kite surfing and windsurfing spots,” says Hannah Williams - one of the artists.

Because there isn’t a scenic view from the station, the glass is covered in parts with opaque material that produces interesting light effects. Weather data in a visual form has colour symbols for temperature and arrows for wind direction, creating a bold pattern.

“One of the primary aims was to create an aesthetically interesting graphic when seen from a distance, so we took the liberty of placing the summer months of December and January in the middle, and the winter months of June and July at the ends to create a sunset-like image. We also spent a lot of time tweaking the colour versus temperature range to enhance this effect, while still keeping the graphic informative,” says Hannah Williams.

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About the Artist

Hannah Williams and Mark Henning, partners in design company Black Hat and Nimbus, completed artworks for six stations between the city centre and Table View. The designs are all infographics, with data relating to the surrounding areas.

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Cape Town
21 August 2019