Real-time information gradually becomes available

MyCiTi is working on a real-time passenger information solution that will empower users with accurate, up-to-date information about when their bus will depart.

Real-time information is already being gradually rolled out on passenger information screens in stations, which show the number of minutes until each bus departs. With real-time information, these times update as the bus moves along its route, taking into account the speed, GPS location and traffic to provide accurate departure times so that you can better plan your journey.

For example, if your bus was scheduled to depart in two minutes, but is delayed by 3 minutes on its way to your stop or station due to congestion, you will see an estimated departure time of 5 minutes for your bus on the passenger information screen.

In the future, passengers will also be able to easily and conveniently access this real-time information from anywhere using any device that can access the MyCiTi website, such as via a mobile phone at a stop or when planning a journey from a computer before leaving home. These live departure times will also be made visible to anyone searching directions or planning a trip using Google Maps.

In addition, MyCiTi will make this data available to developers to encourage creative, innovative applications and software solutions that enhance the passenger experience. Developers can sign up here for updates on progress and for access to the data once it is made available.

Cape Town
17 September 2019