Sharing the MyCiTi experience recently held the first of a series of open days with special needs groups to show how easy it is to use the service.

A group of people from Age in Action, a national organisation that promotes the interests and well-being of elderly people, were treated to a trip on the Salt River route (102) and the route between the Civic Centre and V&A Waterfront (A01).

The group of elderly people received myconnect cards and enjoyed the opportunity to test the system by tapping in and tapping out, finding their way around a MyCiTi station and boarding a bus from a stop.

They were thrilled with the experience, commenting on the easy accessibility for wheelchairs, comfortable seating, and the convenient stop bell at each seat, while identifying some areas for improvement, such as bigger text for the signage in the bus.

“Everything is convenient, seating is more comfy, the bells are within reach and it caters for everyone. It is superb!” said Mary Wells. “The ride is smooth and the speed quite relaxing,” said Mollison van der Berg.

The prospect of saving money with the new distance-based fare system was also welcomed. “MyCiTi will leave more change in our pockets,” said Patricia Christians.

MyCiTi’s universal access design consultant, Guy Davies, said the special trip helped to create awareness of universal access measures and was a useful opportunity for feedback on areas of improvement.

“We are also the universal design consultants on many other systems around the country. MyCiTi is certainly leading the field,” he said.

Cape Town
17 September 2019