Passenger Testimonials

"It's a lot safer than minibuses"

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“I’m from Switzerland and I love it…it’s saved me from having to buy a second car. It’s a lot safer than minibuses and I use it to pick up my children from school sometimes.”

- Corinna Martinella, Office assistant

"Great atmosphere"

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 “MyCiTi is superb – a punctual, nice service that works, with a great atmosphere on the bus. As Walmer Estate people we really, really appreciate it.”

- Delphine Moses

"Modern and effective service"

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 “It’s a modern, effective service. I use it to get to the CBD and back daily, and I encourage others to do the same.”

- Moegammad Fasiegh Petersen


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 “We’re from England, and we’re very impressed with MyCiTi. It’s hassle-free, once you’ve got your card.”

- Bob, Pauline and Andrew Martland

"Saves me money and petrol"

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“MyCiTi is nice. I’ve got car, but if I take it to town I must pay for parking, so I travel by bus to save money and petrol.” 

- Lallin Alam

"Community feeling"

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 “There’s a community feeling on the bus, with staff and passengers all getting on together. It’s great!”

- Mick Kerford

"Stunning service"

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 “The service is stunning – out of this world. If you’re disabled, just tell the bus driver when you need to get off, and he always helps you.”

- Jeremy Opperman

"I encourage blind people to use the MyCiTi bus"

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 “I encourage blind people to use the MyCiTi bus. I use the train every day, and am used to using buses like this from my travels in other countries.”

- Vincent Daniels

"We use the bus every day"

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"My wife and I live in Crawford and we use the bus every day as we come into town for work. We have been using the MyCiTi Bus for almost a year now."

- Malcolm Wilkinson

"The MyCiTi Bus compares well"

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"I live in Switzerland and have used a number of public transport systems in other countries. After spending a month on holiday here in South Africa, I can say that the MyCiTi Bus compares very well with the systems in other countries."

- Jacci Etyaale
Cape Town
26 October 2016