The MyCiTi Rules govern the use of all MyCiTi premises and vehicles. The rules ensure that MyCiTi can deliver a reliable, safe, world-class public transport service.

The rules apply to everyone entering any MyCiTi premises including stations, stops and buses. It also forms the City's terms and conditions for use of the myconnect card.

The myconnect card used to travel on MyCiTi is issued by Absa Bank. The Absa Terms and Conditions for the myconnect card are available below.

By complying with the rules, you help ensure that MyCiTi can deliver a reliable, rapid and safe bus service for everyone, every day.

Myconnect terms and conditions

The myconnect card used to travel on MyCiTi is issued by ABSA Bank.

View the terms and conditions PDF below or click here to view changes to the myconnect terms and conditions, as approved by Council in May 2014. 

Absa OneTouch terms and conditions

MyCiTi is currently experiencing a shortage of myconnect cards due to the exceptionally high uptake of MyCiTi services since the beginning of 2016.

New myconnect cards are expected to arrive during May 2016. Until then, Absa OneTouch cards will be sold to new passengers at station kiosks. These cards also cost R30 and work exactly like the myconnect card.

Once myconnect cards are available again, passengers with OneTouch cards will be requested to exchange their OneTouch card for a myconnect card free of charge, and for any value on the card to be transferred immediately.

Please see below for the terms conditions for the OneTouch card.

Cape Town
24 January 2017