Get your Card

Everyone over four years needs their myconnect card to travel. Buy yours for R30 from MyCiTi station kiosks or participating retailers. 

You have two options to load money onto your card. Load money as Standard and pay the Standard fare, or load money as points with a Mover package and save 30% on fares. Mover packages are only available from MyCiTi station kiosks. 

Your card comes with a pin, which you will need each time you load money onto the card. 

Please read the MyCiTi rules before getting a myconnect card. By accepting a card, you accept the rules.

MyCiTi stations and participating retailers selling myconnect cards can be viewed on the map below.

Once-off users can get a single-trip card from kiosks and vending machines at selected stations for R35, or R90 for journeys including the Airport. They are valid for one journey anywhere on the system, including transfers within the 45-minute window. For more information on how to use the single-trip card, click here.

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